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12 October 2012 @ 05:47 pm
Ojakgyo Brothers, where have you been all my life?  
I'm obsessed, obsessed, obsessed! Because of it being a 50 ep, family drama, Ojakgyo Brothers wasn't really on my radar, so when it came out last year, I didn't really pay attention to it. But after watching Bridal Mask I've been meaning to check out Joo Won's other dramas. I had no idea that I'd like this one so much. I've seen a few family dramas and they never get it completely right for me. Even the best ones tend to drag.

But OB is one of those rare family dramas that keeps the kind of pace that you'd expect from a 20 episode drama. And I'm getting a surprising combination of action, romance, comedy and angst in it, all things that I love. But more than anything, the Tae Hee/Ja Eun OTP is absolutely pitch perfect. They have so much chemistry that even when they're angry, or laughing, or just sitting across from each other, it's blatant.

Tae Hee is my kind of hero. It's that sincerity and steadfastness, the way he often tries to do what's right. The way he's dedicated to his job and is sort of a bad ass but has this deep capacity to love full out. I like that he's not your typical "nice guy", that he's imperfect, and sort of broken, but he's got this steady moral compass that makes him a person that you can count on.

It's not perfect - the way the Tae Shik situation is being handled is making me feel extremely stabby and I will never get over how horribly xenophobic and racist the reactions are to The Other on these Korean shows - but I'm hooked.

So much so that I actually haven't finished watching last week's episodes of Nice Guy and Faith. Send help!