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So, I started watching 7th Grade Civil Servant because much like Lee Min Ho dramas, Joo Won dramas have slowly become must see for me.

So far the slapstick, souffle quality of the drama is a welcome respite from months of melodramas and angstfests but there's one problem. Choi Kang Hee sort of makes me cringe every time she's on screen.

Problem #1 - Her haircut might be the most unflattering thing I've ever seen and it makes her look sixty-five (okay, forty-ish). This wouldn't be a problem if she didn't already look older than Joo Won to begin with but now she just looks like his mom.

Problem #2 - For some crazy, and most certainly drug-related, reason, the writers decided to make her character, Kim Seo-won, younger - I repeat - YOUNGER, than Joo Won's character, Han Gil-ro.

That is correct. You didn't read that incorrectly. Younger. Than. Joo Won.

I'm not a huge CKH fan but I liked her well enough in Protect the Boss and I figured I'd give her a chance here. But this a level of implausibility that even I'm finding hard to accept. If I liked her character this wouldn't be as much of an issue, but there's a sort of dullness, a lack of spark to the way CKH plays KSW that I find it hard to believe that anyone would find her fascinating and yet the drama is trying to make me believe that she is.

Right now as bickering enemies, her character and Joo Won's are fine together but I'm finding it difficult to wrap my head around them as a romantic pair.

That being said, I've only watched the first two episodes so there is plenty of time for her to engage me. I just hope it happens sooner than later.
Tags: 7th grade civil servant, drama: korean, joo won

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