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“I Hear Your Voice” has won me over so quickly. I was looking forward to it mainly for Lee Jongsuk but I didn’t expect to like the story this much. The synopsis is underwhelming and so generic it hurts: a teenager who can read minds and two public defenders team up to solve difficult cases. It sounds like Law and Order: Magic Hour. And it’s so much more than that.

The first episode was compelling despite mostly taking place in the past, where our main leads stories are intertwined. It was a fantastic first episode that introduced all the characters and set the story in motion without being boring.

It’s difficult not to already love LJS’s character Soo Ha. He’s good looking, smart, brave. He’s special because of his gift but even without the power there is a quality about him that radiates from the inside out. He’s a good guy and already I want him to be happy.

The main focus of his happiness is Jang Hye Sung, who saved his life when he was a child, and grew up to be a cynical and jaded lawyer.

It’s interesting to watch him build her up to be this paragon of virtue and then watch her fall off that pedestal rather quickly after they meet again. And yet by the end it’s obvious that although he’s completely disillusioned, he still believes in the person who rescued him when no one else would.

In a melodrama that belief would be his undoing. In this drama I think it will change her, or rather, unearth what was already there. It’s not easy to maintain that level of cynicism when someone has that much faith in you.

I’m also thoroughly entertained by Kwan Woo who is so naive and idealistic that he’d be annoying if it he wasn’t such a goof. He’s such a great counterpoint for Hye Sung because they both need a little of what the other lacks. Every time he shows up onscreen in his dress shoes and white socks, I laugh. This is one of those rare occasions where I’m actually looking forward to seeing how the second male lead and the main female protagonist deal with each other.

But ultimately this story is all about Soo Ha and Hye Song’s relationship for me. Right now because of the hero worship, romance can’t even be considered a talking point, and yet there is chemistry there that has barely scratched the surface.I’m really curious about how their relationship will develop in the future.
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