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Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun in a drama together! WHEEEEEEE. I'm so excited for I Miss You now. YEH doesn't always pick the best dramas but she has this undeniable chemistry with her co-stars. So even if the drama sucks plot-wise, the OTP might be able to save it. I can't wait to see what she and Yoochun bring to the table.
OTP! (City Hunter)

This is the most random...

I had a dream about Faith last night. Of Choi Young dressed in modern clothes getting ready to take Eun Soo to heaven. She was waiting for him in this wheat field, bright with gold, and when she saw him walking towards her, a pack on his back, she gave him the biggest smile and rushed to him. They were smiling and laughing and lying in the field. And when he bent his head towards her, smiling, reaching for her face ... I woke up.

Always at the most inopportune times.

dangermousie was talking about dreaming about Faith last night and I was thinking to myself that I've never had a dream about a drama that I can remember. And then, what happens? I dream about Faith. My brain works in mysterious ways.
Kang Ji Hwan

Episode five of Nice Guy. Oh God. My heart. MY HEART.

“Out of one hundred memories, there were ten that were good. Don’t you know what you’ve done wrong? How great it would have been if only you could’ve left one or two good memories. ‘Ah, my first love Han Jae-hee isn’t that kind of unscrupulous person.’ Even though I don’t understand, you should have left the good memories for forgiveness. That way, the pathetic Kang Maru who believed Han Jae-hee was everything in his life wouldn’t have become so defiled.”

Oh my god, this scene was equally satisfying and depressing. I fully enjoyed watching Jae Hee come to the realization that her attempt to manipulate Maru into doing what she wanted wasn't working. But it was also heartbreaking to see another piece of Maru's soul break. When you take away someone's memories, what do they have left?

From the previews of episode 6, it looks like I was wrong about how much Eun-gi knows about Maru. I'm actually really surprised that she got involved with him so ill-prepared. And now I'm incredibly bummed because it means that she's totally fallen for him and he's so wrapped up in his revenge that he doesn't totally see her, and I just stupidly want them to fall in love and be happy.


I'm in love with Nice Guy

Before it aired the title and premise stirred up some bad memories of Bad Guy so I was incredibly wary going into it but after the first episode I was hooked and by the second I was officially in obsessed territory.

What works for me so far is that Maru, our protog, is still emotionally available. He's not completely dead inside as the heroes (or anti-heroes depending on how you look at things) of these revenge plots tend to be. Collapse )

Episode 10 - The turning point?

I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t in love with Faith and then I realized that the stakes weren’t high enough. Things sort of happened without consequences. People talked a lot but they didn't do much of anything. While Ki Chul is strange and manipulative and compelling enough because of it, he’s not particularly scary or menacing. You never really feel that Eun Soo, Choi Young, or anyone else is any real danger.

Collapse )

In more shallow news, CY’s new hair cut? I love everything that it chooses to be. It almost makes me forgot about plot. What plot? Who needs plot? Stares.


Check out LMH's new look for Faith

I like most of it but I hate the sleeves very much. So very much.

So, I'm liking Faith. It's totally a wuxia masquerading as a sageuk and I'm digging that about it. I was expecting some grandiose epic and that's not what I got but I'm a sucker for these types of martial arts, fantasy dramas. It really is like a manga come to life.

The one thing I'm really desperate to see though is LMH's character breakout. I get that Choi is supposed to be self-contained and closed off but I keep wanting more. He's been far too restrained and far too casual for my liking. There's something lacking, intensity wise, and I think that mostly falls on the director's shoulders because while LMH is good at the ass kicking hero type, he does messed up anti-hero just as well.

As the episodes go on I'm seeing promise in what's happening with Choi, but I'm really hoping for more because while I'm liking this drama so far and look forward to each episode, I'm not in love with it like I want to be.
Love Shuffle

I'm finally on the Mok Dan/Kang To love train

It, you know, only took 19 episodes to get here. But hey, if you give me longing looks, the angst of secret love, and the meeting of two hands that have the intimacy of kisses, I'm as good as sold.

I still really like the dynamics of KT and Rie's relationship. Not really in a romantic sense but I do feel that they come from a similar place of survival. Collapse )
God damn


So I log into Tumblr this week and instantly get spoiled for the events of this week's episode of Bridal Mask. I'm so bummed because everyone's losing their shit about this episode, probably for good reason if you came in unaware, but after watching it I'm all like, "eh." Gah. :/