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God damn

7th Level Civil Servant - I tried.

Joo Won, I tried.

This drama was consistently terrible. I gave it my best shot for twelve and a half episodes and then I couldn't take the lack of a plot, characterization, and any attempt to make actual sense. I've watched a lot of bad dramas in my day but there's one thing I find hard to forgive - badly written characters and dumb female leads. This drama was chock-full of both categories.

How do you mess up a drama with Joo Won as a spy though? Unforgivable.

It's the Big Bang!

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So, I started watching 7th Grade Civil Servant because much like Lee Min Ho dramas, Joo Won dramas have slowly become must see for me.

So far the slapstick, souffle quality of the drama is a welcome respite from months of melodramas and angstfests but there's one problem. Choi Kang Hee sort of makes me cringe every time she's on screen.

Problem #1 - Her haircut might be the most unflattering thing I've ever seen and it makes her look sixty-five (okay, forty-ish). This wouldn't be a problem if she didn't already look older than Joo Won to begin with but now she just looks like his mom.

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