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It's the Big Bang!

One more episode.

azuline made an interesting comment in Sandy's post here that Chad Michael Murray was originally cast as Nathan in One Tree Hill and James Lafferty was cast as Lucas. If you watch OTH you know that CMM currently plays Lucas Scott, illegitimate child of the local basketball hero (turned car salesman) and James plays Nathan Scott, the legitimate child of the local basketball hero, ahem, turned car salesman.

I almost weep when I think of what could have been. Although I like them as they are now, I think the casting would have been perfect with CMM as Nathan, the asshole brother. What has always bothered me about CMM as Lucas is the grating, whinyness that he brings to the character. Which I know could be the way the character is written but something still doesn't resonate when CMM gets on screen. CMM does not do martyr convincingly, however he does fuckable asshole quite wonderfully.

I just re-watched Angel 5-18 "The Origin" (AKA. The one where Connor comes back) and it gets me right. here. every time. Vincent Kartheiser did such a great job with the well-adjusted, happy Connor and made him such a likable guy, that this time I really didn't want to see him go. Not that I didn't like having the Connor character around last season but I was never overly fond of him as he was always being, you know, a jerk.

Ignoring the fact that the storyline was pretty weak, I think the episode was very good. There was something very poignant about the Angel and Connor scenes this time around. We get a glimpse of what could have been if Connor hadn't originally been so fucking screwed up. I think the best part of this episode was the fact that emotionally it pulled me in, unlike most episodes this season. I watched this show and Buffy because they played with my expectations and my emotions and left an imprint in my mind even if only for a little while. Angel has really been missing that this season and I wish we had more time so that we could rebuild.

Anyway, I must wish runerinrun a Happy Birthday! You always make me smile and I always enjoy reading what you have to say. It's a beautiful day and I hope it's shining in your parts. Have a good one, sweetie. *mwah*