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Episode 10 - The turning point?

I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t in love with Faith and then I realized that the stakes weren’t high enough. Things sort of happened without consequences. People talked a lot but they didn't do much of anything. While Ki Chul is strange and manipulative and compelling enough because of it, he’s not particularly scary or menacing. You never really feel that Eun Soo, Choi Young, or anyone else is any real danger.

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In more shallow news, CY’s new hair cut? I love everything that it chooses to be. It almost makes me forgot about plot. What plot? Who needs plot? Stares.


Check out LMH's new look for Faith

I like most of it but I hate the sleeves very much. So very much.

So, I'm liking Faith. It's totally a wuxia masquerading as a sageuk and I'm digging that about it. I was expecting some grandiose epic and that's not what I got but I'm a sucker for these types of martial arts, fantasy dramas. It really is like a manga come to life.

The one thing I'm really desperate to see though is LMH's character breakout. I get that Choi is supposed to be self-contained and closed off but I keep wanting more. He's been far too restrained and far too casual for my liking. There's something lacking, intensity wise, and I think that mostly falls on the director's shoulders because while LMH is good at the ass kicking hero type, he does messed up anti-hero just as well.

As the episodes go on I'm seeing promise in what's happening with Choi, but I'm really hoping for more because while I'm liking this drama so far and look forward to each episode, I'm not in love with it like I want to be.

You guys, you guys. Lee Min Ho in a sageuk.

You guys are all fired. Why didn't anyone tell me that Lee Min Ho's next drama was a sageuk and a time travel one at that? According to Soompi, Faith is a fusion drama about a plastic surgeon (Kim Hee Sun) who meets Lee Min Ho's character, a bodyguard who is trying to take her back to the past.

LMH in historical garb, using swords and fighting? Umm, yeah, SIGN ME UP.

Dying a bit at his hair - and by dying I mean that I'm loling quite enthusiastically. I hope it looks better in action.

It's a Lee Min Ho post!

So, I was perusing the LMH thread on Soompi, cause that's how I do every Monday night (not really but work with me here) and I found some pics of both his arrival in LA and his subsequent return to Korea earlier in the month.

And, IDK who took this picture but he is totally bitchfacing.

And while he might not be intentionally trying to give off that vibe - in all the other LAX pictures he's smiling at the camera/fans and shaking hands etc - I love that he looks totally unimpressed. Totally. Unimpressed. Like this chick is five feet too close and he's not handling it well. Bwah.

Back to Korea, still rocking his matching Louis - why does this crack me up? - I couldn't help but notice his leopard print sandals.

Not what I was expecting to see on his feet and yet I am completely unsurprised. Shiny, strappy, leopard print sandals? But of course.

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The Miss Ripley subs are taking forever to come out. Gah. Crazy as they are, you gotta love the LMH fangirls. City Hunter has to be the fasted subbed drama going right now. The Yoochun one's need to work on their crazy. :P

Also, I throw myself at my flist and ask for any action/crime drama recs where the lead doesn't get killed? I need a new non-romcom drama.

Already obsessed.

I've been playing catch up with City Hunter this last week, although I just finished episode six, and I gotta say, I FREAKIN' LOVE IT. I was going to watch it anyway because Lee Min Ho = Me there, but I can never get to the end of any of his dramas. I couldn't do it for BOF (and never will) or Personal Taste (I got bored by episode 12 but I'll probably go back to it one day), so I was hoping that CH wouldn't go a similar way. It hasn't.

I have no special insights at the moment, I'm too eager to get back to episode 7, but I'm actually savoring this drama. It's the first one all year that I haven't fast forward through parts. I actually keep wanting to go back and re-watch full episodes, lol.

LMH being all badass and hot doesn't hurt either...

I may have watched this scene of him walking away more than once.

Purely for capturing purposes, of course.