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I don't have much in the way of meta for Nice Guy's final episode but I am very content with the way it ended for Eungi and Maru.

The finale, like much of the latter half of the season, left a bit to be desired. It felt rushed and the happiness for all ending felt a bit contrived, even unearned. I'm absolutely boggled by the complete erasure of Tae San, which for all intents and purposes was the most important character of the drama.

Up to the final five minutes I was ready to be disappointed by it all but Collapse )
Kang Ji Hwan

Episode five of Nice Guy. Oh God. My heart. MY HEART.

“Out of one hundred memories, there were ten that were good. Don’t you know what you’ve done wrong? How great it would have been if only you could’ve left one or two good memories. ‘Ah, my first love Han Jae-hee isn’t that kind of unscrupulous person.’ Even though I don’t understand, you should have left the good memories for forgiveness. That way, the pathetic Kang Maru who believed Han Jae-hee was everything in his life wouldn’t have become so defiled.”

Oh my god, this scene was equally satisfying and depressing. I fully enjoyed watching Jae Hee come to the realization that her attempt to manipulate Maru into doing what she wanted wasn't working. But it was also heartbreaking to see another piece of Maru's soul break. When you take away someone's memories, what do they have left?

From the previews of episode 6, it looks like I was wrong about how much Eun-gi knows about Maru. I'm actually really surprised that she got involved with him so ill-prepared. And now I'm incredibly bummed because it means that she's totally fallen for him and he's so wrapped up in his revenge that he doesn't totally see her, and I just stupidly want them to fall in love and be happy.


I'm in love with Nice Guy

Before it aired the title and premise stirred up some bad memories of Bad Guy so I was incredibly wary going into it but after the first episode I was hooked and by the second I was officially in obsessed territory.

What works for me so far is that Maru, our protog, is still emotionally available. He's not completely dead inside as the heroes (or anti-heroes depending on how you look at things) of these revenge plots tend to be. Collapse )